Tips for Reducing the Environmental Impact of Your Ink and Toner Cartridges

Printer toner refills

Around 300 million ink and toner cartridges are tossed in the garbage every year by individuals and businesses that make frequent use of their printers. Unfortunately, both ink and toner cartridges are made out of plastic, which can take up to a thousand years to break down in a landfill. Only 20-40% of empty ink cartridges are actually recycled, meaning that 60-80% of cartridges are slowly decomposing in landfills while releasing potentially harmful chemicals.

So how can you help?

Learn How to Recycle Toner Cartridges

Recycling ink cartridges is so easy that instructions are usually printed right on the box the cartridge came with, and the one you purchased to replace it. Many companies will even provide free packaging and postage if you decide to recycle old cartridges. You can also do a quick internet search to find recycling programs that pay cash for empty cartridges, all of which provide free shipping or pick-up services.

Buy Remanufactured Ink and Toner Cartridges

Laser toner or inkjet cartridges that are sold using the term “remanufactured” are usually recycled and refilled cartridges. They’re often cheaper than their original manufacturer counterparts and usually have the same level of functionality. Buying remanufactured cartridges supports the cartridge recycling industry and ensures that fewer plastic cartridges end up in landfills.

Refill Your Printer Cartridges

Toner refill kits are available from many major office supply stores, and you can also send your cartridges away to be refilled so you don’t have to do it yourself. This often ends up being cheaper than buying new cartridges. Though the ink still has the same effect on the environment, you’re generating less plastic waste by using the same cartridge over and over.

If you decide to refill your ink or toner yourself, be sure to wear gloves and a dust mask to avoid inhaling anything dangerous. You should also check that the ink you’re using to refill your cartridge fits the specifications of your printer and cartridge to avoid losing quality over time.

Recycling cartridges is easy, environmentally responsible, and financially appealing. Start recycling your cartridges today! For more, read this link: