The Top Three Reasons Why Business Owners Should Use SEO

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Did you know that each day, 27 million pieces of online content are shared? Oftentimes, many of these pieces of content end up being related to advertising. The Internet remains, in some ways, untapped by the advertising world. Don’t get us wrong — there are plenty of ads out there on the Internet. But surprisingly, many companies are not maximizing the web’s advertising potential. Could this be you? Advertising online isn’t just for big corporations. In fact, they may be the ones that need it less. Small businesses need to capitalize on online advertising. The great thing about this type of advertising is that it’s less labor intensive and far less expensive than advertising through, say, a billboard or a commercial. An online ad doesn’t even necessarily have to be something that you as business owner are directly involved in. SEO companies are making it easier and easier for small business owners to advertise their business with little effort, little investment, and great results. The great thing is that, when utilizing a SEO company, a small business owner can not only get the ads they need, but, if they want, learn about branding and advertising as well. Below, we’ll discuss some of the top advantages to using a SEO company to advertise online.

1. SEO Content Is Organic

Technically speaking, search engine optimization content is advertising content. But it’s executed in a way that is much more organic in appearance and accessibility than, say, a typical online ad. That’s what actually keeps many small business owners from taking advantage of SEO services — they think that all online ads are like those outdated, obnoxious advertisements that we’re used to seeing on our browsers. Nobody wants that. SEO content is organized and formatted to look like organic content. That is, it comes in the forms of articles or lists, or even videos that appear in search engine results depending on what the target audience is searching. While 70% to 80% of online surfers ignore paid ads, those same people focus on organic results like SEO content. At the same time, we don’t want to make it look like SEO advertising is easy. It’s one thing to write up general SEO content — it’s another thing entirely to maximize that content’s visibility. That’s where a professional SEO company comes in.

2. SEO Companies Know How To Brand

So, why use a professional SEO company versus creating your own SEO content? The fact is that actually getting people to notice your content is easier said than done — and you need to be a professional in this field to understand how that works. While your content may show up in an online search, it might not be in the first page of results — and that severely affects its noticeability. After all, three-quarters of online users aren’t going to scroll past the first page of search results. And you don’t just want your SEO content to be random bits of information. You want it to be something that helps build you up as a brand. As such, you should take advantage of the SEO consultants that the company you work with provides — ask them about how best to target your audience, and how to create a branding strategy that works for you. It’s not easy, and there will definitely be a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be glad you chose to work with — and learn from — professionals.

3. SEO Content Is Mobile-Friendly

One online space that definitely isn’t being utilized as much as it should be by small business owners is the mobile space. So many of us surf the web on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your advertising content can be found not just on computers, but those devices; luckily, SEO content can be made to cater to mobile users — and thus broaden your online reach.