The Case for Buying Used Network Equipment

Sell used network equipment

Buying used network equipment — is it really such a good idea?

Many manufacturers will try to convince you that no, it’s most definitely not a good idea to purchase refurbished IT hardware or refurbished network equipment for sale. But when you look past their warnings, there are actually plenty of reasons why buying network equipment used is really beneficial:

  • First, you’ll end up paying a lot less money on used equipment, which means that you’ll have more flexibility when figuring out which models you want to purchase and how many items you want to purchase. In most cases, the newest models aren’t necessarily the ones with the best quality.
  • Second, buying network equipment through a reseller is a really good way to ensure that you’re getting the best equipment possible and that you’re covered if it doesn’t operate as advertised. Trustworthy resellers will be able to provide you with warranties on the equipment and with legitimate sources.
  • Third, you won’t have to worry about a manufacturer trying to advertise their product and making it sound a lot better than it is. You’ll have a huge variety of products to choose from when you work with a reseller and when you purchase used equipment, and you’re more likely to get unbiased feedback about which equipment is the best quality.

The fact is, a lot of newer equipment is just overpriced and it’s all about the hype of being “new” — it’s not necessarily going to provide you with the best quality or with the features that your business needs.

When you buy network equipment used, you’ll be sure that you’re getting the very best.