Popular Phone and Computer Cables Are More Affordable When Purchased in Bulk Quantities

500 ft ethernet cable

The plans for your 15-year old daughter’s birthday party were a moving target. Once she finally decided which six girls she wanted to invite she started to plan the rest of the details. Originally, the plan was to set up the tents in the backyard as soon as everyone arrived. The one large tent and two small tents zipped together so that it really felt like one really big space.
Once the tents were set up the girls would come in and eat pizza and ice cream and cake. With a large screen in the backyard, the girls would wait for dark and then watch a movie using the projector. The exact title of the movie would be decided later, but the tub with surge protectors and usb 2.0 device cables was ready. Once all the technology was in place, the exact movie title could be decided later.
And like all good plans, things changed as fast as they were organized.
A severe and heavy rain storm came through about an hour before the girls were going to set up the tent. An inch of rain later the girls abandoned the plans for watching a movie outside and instead used the tub with the projector, usb 2.0 device cables and surge protectors to assemble the equipment inside. Luckily, the large screen squeezed into the basement and the party went on as planned.
USB Cables and Network Ether Cables Serve Many Purposes
While birthday parties with big screen movies may use computer cables, projectors, and surge protectors to celebrate, the real buyers of bulk USB cables are large companies and corporations. Places as diverse as large computer programming companies and data storage centers and home theater installers and large school districts by computer, audio and video cords in bulk so that they can get the best prices.
Lightning cables and HDMI highspeed cables are also more affordable at bulk prices. And while businesses spend a good deal of money on computer and printer cables, consumers tend to spend a majority of their cable money on cell phone cable accessories and chargers. Taking the time to research the price of individual cords and comparing those prices to the bulk prices can save both businesses and individual consumers a good deal of money.