Network Security, Mobile Optimization And Web Advertisement What Your Business May Be Missing

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How secure are your databanks? Do you feel pretty strong about your network’s ability to stand up to an attempted hacking or sudden viral attack? What about the simple task of keeping your services on the map to avoid falling into obscurity? Whether you’re a new business learning the ropes or a company that’s been around for years attempting to stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential you keep an ear to the ground and stay up-to-date on how to combat everything from technological issues to marketing pitfalls. Today’s market is more competitive than it’s ever been and the average customer is savvy, curious and always looking for the smartest deal. To put your best foot forward is to do your homework — take a look at some tips on how to wisely use the resources available to you.

Blogging And Social Media

A well-run business needs to be in touch with the latest trends and positive customer service. Studies have shown blogging increases web traffic by up to 50% or more for brands, with B2B companies that regularly blog generating well beyond 65% more leads than those without blogs or a social media account. A blog should be a more casual and friendly way to engage with customers, giving them the information they need to assess your business’ viability and make a decision they feel strongly about.

Network Security And Defense

You’ve got enough on your plate marketing, calling and directing a team. You don’t need to fear for your network security as well. Nearly half of all data losses were caused by end-users deleting essential information, while 17% were users overwriting saved data. Additional studies have shown 20% of small businesses, at least, will be hacked within one year. With this knowledge it’s important to have a few basics on your network security. IT solutions include a cloud network with accessible data among employees, powerful anti-virus software and a regularly updated back-up system.

Mobile Searches And Results

Did you know more customers are turning to mobile devices to research brands, products and services? Over 50% of all mobile searches are conducted to find local results, as well, and over 60% actually result in a purchase. Optimizing your website for mobile isn’t just useful, it’s essential to avoid turning away a still-growing client base.

Marketing And Branding

Last, but not least, you need to regularly market yourself. It’s not enough to have a strong logo or even a good service — if customers can’t even find you, you might as well be floundering about in the dark. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a modern way of connecting to customers without potentially turning them away with intrusive or garish ad campaigns. Not only is SEO highly effective at informing and attracting customers, it’s far cheaper than most traditional marketing methods — SEO leads have a nearly 15% close rate compared to direct mail or print advertising’s 2%.

Crafting The Ultimate Business Approach

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Relying too much on any single method potentially puts other aspects of your business at risk and can leave you struggling to catch up to your competitors. With strong network security resources, mobile optimization and a regular marketing campaign you’ll have all your bases covered. SEO advertisement utilizes search engines to reach out to customers, while stronger network security solutions can keep your business’ data from being compromised and money from being lost. With managed IT services or ongoing IT support, you can have all of the above and then some.