Most Businesses Are Doomed To Fail Without This Essential Marketing Tip

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Are you looking to get your small business off the ground? Starting can be the most difficult part of any long-term project, even more so than finishing, and requires you utilize the absolute best resources at your disposal to make a positive impression in an already crowded market. When it comes to content creation using the Internet, finding a website designer is absolutely essential in helping you stand out in the crowd. From optimizing your website for mobile devices to discouraging irrelevant advertisements, there are a multitude of useful tools right at your fingertips that can help your business break water. Let’s look at some tips and statistics on e-advertising so you can spend less time searching and more time succeeding!

Quick E-Facts

Let’s start off with some statistics! According to a survey conducted by Pew Internet, over half of all people frequently research services and products online. A stunning 84% of people in the 25-34 year-old demographic, however, have admitted to leaving favorite websites entirely due to obtrusive or irrelevant advertising! Another 60% of customers who peruse a site that isn’t friendly for mobile devices have confessed to being frustrated enough to leave to another website that is. The age of the Internet has established efficiency and convenience as the top priority for most customers, so how can you make sure you take advantage of this?

Creating Mobile Friendly Content

Whether you own a physical shop or distribute your goods online, your business risks falling into obscurity if it isn’t properly optimized for easy access. Globalized mobile traffic accounts for a stunning 10% of all Internet traffic, meaning optimizing your website to be compatible with popular mobile devices is the smartest move you can make to boost your revenue. Half of all Americans own a smartphone nowadays and well over 30 million iPads have been sold since the year 2010. Mobile advertising, much like SEO and PPC, is fast becoming the best option for business big and small!

Tablets And Phones

While desktop computers and laptops still lead the pack in terms of programs and gathering Internet content, tablets and iPhones are only getting more and more popular due to their portability and convenience. A recent survey saw tablet owners as the most active local searches, with 64% of participants indicating weekly use for local products and services. Customers also tend to be more trusting of local searches as well, with 58% preferring local results over globalized ones due to their relevance. Websites and related advertisements can be customized to reach wider audiences or customers that live nearby, so it’s important to use your own discretion as to which option will suit your business best.

Finding A Website Designer

Responsive web design will make or break any business no matter what! When customers can be driven away by frustrating advertisements or lack of compatibility for their devices, every little effort you put in now will greatly pay off in the future. Finding a website designer can do the dual work of optimizing your website for mobile devices as well as creating eye-catching graphics to draw in would-be customers. Additional web development services, such as SEO tools, can also help redirect local or online traffic to your website. Last, but not least, maintaining active blogs and social media can add a more transparent and modern aspect to your brand in the long-term. Now that you know how to optimize a website — where will you start working on your business today?