Managed IT services Can Keep Your Computers and Systems Safe and Sound

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Just about anyone can benefit from IT managed services. Most businesses have a need for such services, and even individuals can benefit. Here are a list of reasons why IT managed services can be beneficial.

People usually think of IT services in the context of businesses. Many businesses, depending on their size, either have on-staff IT people or they contract with an IT services provider to take care of their networks, software and hardware. When it comes to computer repair and computer support, it’s often up to the IT services people to deal with the problem. But there are much more serious problems that IT people have to deal with.

These days, hacking and cyber crime are tremendous risks for businesses. More than 70% of businesses have reported a cyber attack within the past year. Some of those attacks are more pranks than anything because they are simply meant to cause a business problems. However, other attacks are more malicious. Hackers often break into systems looking to steal data or passwords so they can get access to records. The cost of such attacks can be staggering. Studies have shown that criminal hacking attacks can cost companies $246 per compromised record. Multiply that by thousands of records that can be stolen, and it can be a lot of money.

One of the ways organizations can protect against cyber attacks is to have strong passwords. Longer passwords are harder to crack, and most experts recommend organizations require their people to use passwords that are at least 12 characters long and have a variety of characters. Using IT managed services providers to manage your company’s password policy is a good thing. They can be in charge of enforcing the need for password changes, such as every few months or when a key employee leaves. And they can also set policies on when and how often a password can be used again.

Of course, it isn’t only businesses that have a need for computer maintenance and systems management from an IT service. People can often use IT services for their personal computers. Though people often believe that they will keep a computer until it quits working completely, research has found that most people actually replace their computer much earlier than expected due to slow processing speed and poor system performance. Using an IT professional to have your computer checked out and get issues fixed can keep your computer lasting longer and save you some money.