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Geospatial data analysis

The late night drive south was not going as planned. You had been looking forward to driving your daughter back to school following her winter break, but the record rain amounts in Missouri closed the interstate that you were traveling. After several other detours and rerouting events, you find yourself traveling through the very eastern edge of Oklahoma, instead of Arkansas as you travel the final 150 miles to Louisiana.
Already uncertain of where you are at, the lightening is bright enough to indicate that the rain has now filled the ditches and it appears that the water will soon come up over the narrow two lane highway. In the middle of anywhere, you are thankful for your phone and the location intelligence software that is providing the only sense of direction that you have. The maps which you so carefully packed have been of absolutely no use.
Satellite Location Intelligence Information Helps Families Stay Safe
When was the last time that you were lost or uncertain of where you were at? What helped you find your way?
While a few years ago a number of people were still using accordion folded maps that they pulled from the glove compartment of their vehicle, today’s traveler often relies on location intelligence to get the directions that they need.
Not surprisingly, at the other end of this technology is an entire industry that continues to find ways to capitalize on knowing exactly where their potential consumers are located. This location intelligence platform functions at the highest level when it always knows where the consumer are at. For this reason, apps of all kinds and virtually every kind of social media asks its users if it can access the current location. And, before you know it, your favorite shoes store is sending you an announcement of its latest sales. A nearby restaurant that you have never visited is offering you a 25% off coupon if you stop by for dinner and an appetizer.
Location intelligence solutions, working in conjunction with marketing analytics services, provides the most strategic way for businesses to contact potential customers. Based on your location, for instance, you can find out what restaurants have open seating even before you think to ask.
The World Is Becoming an Increasingly Connected Place
Called the The Internet of Things, this fairly new term refers to devices, other than computers, that are connected to the Internet that can both send and receive data. Although the term has been around for more than 15 years, it has only recently gained popularity in conversations outside of the tech industry. When you are at work and able to access your home security system, for instance, you are using The Internet of Things. When you are setting your home DVR to record a special program when you are out of town, you are using The Internet of Things.
Given that the Earth is now being circled by at least 24 active GPS satellites, it should come as no surprise that it is becoming easier and easier to monitor locations, communicate with electronic devices, and perform electronic tasks even when we are not home.
Currently, the geospatial industry generated nearly $73 billion in revenue in the year 2011. Some economic research indicates that this industry also helped generate an additional $1.6 trillion in revenue for the rest of the American economy.
As further indication of the pervasiveness of location intelligence and The Internet of Things, the 2016-2017 high school debate topics have included this topic in its debate competition. From all parts of the U.S. high school debaters will be researching and arguing the merits and contrasts of The Internet of Things and the individual’s potential sacrifice of the personal right to privacy. While consumers may sometimes argue that they do not want their every purchase and movement tracked, it is difficult to not want to take advantage of the latest offers and deals that are generated from this information.
The next time that you are uncertain of your location and are looking for the fastest route to your destination, you will likely rely on location intelligence to help you out. You might, however, get an online coupon to use for dinner once you arrive!