How Printing Companies Can Aid in Your Marketing Strategy

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Developing a marketing plan that includes print and online advertising can bring a larger return of investment (ROI) than just using one tactic by itself. In a poll, 76% of small businesses use a combination of both print and digital communication as their ideal marketing strategy. This is especially important for small businesses who are trying to keep overhead costs low. Outdoor advertising, such as signs, costs 50% less than radio advertisements, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 80% less than television advertising. Furthermore, when people receive gifts from a business, 84% of Americans say they remember the company’s name better. These strategies can be used to your advantage by finding printing companies to meet your needs.

How Print Marketing Works
Commercial printing services from printing companies are available for all types of businesses and niches. In addition, almost anything can be printed on. Digital printing has come a long way in the past few years, so now you can print your logo, business name, or slogan on anything from water bottles to calendars to wine bottles. Pretty much anything you can imagine it can be printed on when you work with printing companies.

These promotional products can be handed out at conferences, neighboring businesses, or local events. Print products provide your businesses credibility with your target audience. Customers will know you are serious and have put the time into your company. This will also help you build your brand in the community.

Benefits of Print Marketing
Handing out tangible products made by printing companies in person helps people relate to your company. Basically, it puts a face behind your brand. This makes you more approachable and customers are more likely to remember your company.

When the customer has the products in hand, it engages their senses. By engaging the senses, customers will better remember the name by the smell and feel of the paper.

Banner printing from printing companies can also be used to reach customers who drive passed your company on a daily basis. Even if you have a sign out front, it can be difficult to see while in a car. A banner sign can draw in customers that are driving or even walking past.

Printing companies
offer many benefits for small businesses and marketing strategies. Combine online and print to reach the largest amount from your target audience.