How New Cooling Tower Parts Increase Tower Efficiency

A functioning, efficient cooling tower is made up of several components that work together. Many of these parts will need to be repaired or replaced over the life of the cooling tower. Here’s a closer look at some of these components, such as gearboxes, fill media, drift reducers, nozzles, fans, and more.

New Cooling Tower Parts


Gearboxes are available in a variety of reduced rates and styles to help the differential abilities and fan speeds of cooling towers. Cooling tower manufacturers typically allow customers to purchase new gearboxes or hire skilled experts who can restore or renew a gearbox using original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts.

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Fill Media

Fill media is an important component of a cooling tower. For maximum water evaporation, most modern cooling towers use plastic fill media. Water is dispersed through the fill, resulting in a thin film with a large surface area. This procedure allows moisture and heat to evaporate quickly.

Drift Reducers

Drift reducers are essential cooling tower elements that work to remove water droplets from the air and recycle the moisture for operational purposes. They achieve this by abruptly forcing the moist air in a different direction, removing the moisture from the air, and redirecting it to another section of the cooling tower.

Other key components of a cooling tower include Fans, Nozzles, Air Intake louvers, Electric float valves, and reservoir heaters. Large industrial production often uses new cooling tower parts for efficiency.