How Good Web Design and Mobile Applications can Keep Consumers Coming Back

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The internet has quickly become the largest and most successful marketplace the world has ever seen. With exposure open to consumers 24 hours a day and seven days a week, reaching an audience can be a constant job but fortunately with the right products, they may just come to you. More traffic requires relevant information to consumers considering how studies have shown that the number one track to gaining exposure initially comes from search engines.

Once users do reach your site, it’s important to have an attractive first page. Between a mix of good aesthetics and reliable task information to meet their needs, making a positive first impression can make or break a user’s interest. Because around 75% of internet users admit to using web application design to measure the credibility of a website, initiating a customer relationship management process heavily depends on how well your site caters to the goals they’re trying to reach.

Now that cell phones and tablets are standard devices carried on one’s person, the opportunity for bringing them through web portals and mobile applications is even greater. With the constant hustle and bustle of modern society, more and more consumers are turning to mobile websites to conduct research while on the go. However mobile sites are still a relatively new trend with bugs constantly being worked out, causing users on the go who are looking for quick answers to judge mobile applications and websites for their availability. At this point, if a mobile user finds a site to be difficult to navigate through or slow to load, there is a 61% chance they will not return to the site.

In order to bypass the need to focus so harshly on just the mobile site itself, businesses have started developing more mobile applications to bring functionality straight to user’s devices. The vast majority of time that people spend on mobile devices are centered around the use of apps. Creating a relationship with a customer is easier when your business is present through most of their day. Web application development services specialize in making websites user friendly. In order to keep consumers coming back, consistent reliability is a must and a huge factor which can make or break a sale.