How Both Social Media and Google Can Help Your Company

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Social media and Google can help your company — but they can also hurt it. Red Bull found this out the hard way after a social media campaign was launched against it this week.

Lanna Hamann was a 16-year-old Arizona teen on vacation in Mexico who died from cardiac arrest while drinking the Red Bull energy drink. Her friends and family say it was her favorite drink, and that the combination of dehydration and energy drink were ultimately responsible for her death — though an autopsy has yet to conclude this.

After Hamann’s death, her friends began a social media tag, #GetLannaHome. Their goal is to both raise the $13,000 required to get Lanna’s body back from Mexico, as well as ask Red Bull to support her parents. Red Bull has told TIME that their sympathies are with her family, but they cannot release a statement at this time. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently discourages caffeine consumption for minors, and the FDA is looking into improving recommendations.

When you have a brand, it’s important to respect and cater to your customers on two levels: first, your products and services should always be solving a problem for their life, not creating one. Second: you should be willing to engage in positive dialogue with them. Publicity is no longer the same animal for companies that it used to be, and one bad move can create a big stir.

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Talk to a Design and Marketing Agency

Everyone thinks they can handle their own social media, but it’s something that requires not only professional experience, but the commitment of time. If you plan on doing social media for a half hour every other week, then you might as well not do it at all. Social media needs to be a consistent conversation with consumers; otherwise, it isn’t worth it.

Hire a Good SEO Company

Did you know that Google receives billions of inquiries each week? Most people, if they are looking for products or services online, will use Google to connect them. About 80% of people, in fact, say they rarely click on search ads. Ranking high organically for important and relevant keywords is something your business needs, but it’s not something you’ll be able to manage by yourself. The best SEO agencies will be able to get you a good ROI. Make sure you also have good online web design; what’s the point of directing people to your page, if it’s built so poorly no one wants to shop there?

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