Hiring is Only the First Step in Recruiting Top Talent

Executive placement agency

One of the most important concerns for companies going through rapid growth and transformation is to have the right people who can steer a path to the future. When it comes to finding the culture and talent leaders, whether seasoned executives or newcomers, executive search firms have an advantage over on house human resource staffing. They have years of experience as well as access to all kinds of networks and resources to match the right person to each key position. Talent acquisition management services offer HR recruiting as well as consulting services, supporting professionals throughout their careers.

Top talent helps your business grow
Executive recruiting and retention can be the basis for the success or failure for any company. That’s why CEOs, CFOs, startup founders, board members and HR directors are focused on finding the right leadership to guide their organizations strategically through growth and rapid expansion.
Even though it’s crucial for organizations to recruit and retain the top talent, it can be difficult to achieve. Millennials are known as the job hopping generation, ready to change their jobs at the first sign of a better opportunity. A Gallup Poll conducted in 2016 found that 60% were open to moving to a new job any any given time. That’s a higher rate than other generations.

Hiring is only the first step
Overall, as many as 2.7 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs by the end of June 2015. That’s a 25% increase over the number two years ago who would voluntarily leave their jobs. The key to successful hires in this environment of rapid turnover may well be to plan ahead in terms of orientation, onboarding and professional coaching, to ensure retention of top talent. Talent acquisition management services that offer career consulting as well as hiring and recruitment services can help companies to make the best possible use of their new hires.
That’s because many executive staffing agencies realize that making the right hire is only the first step. They offer strategic hr consulting services as well, to help new hires settle into their new jobs and to do their best work. Onboarding packages, career coaching and development all go a long way to making a company the kind of place where top executives are happy to hang up their shingle.

Worker satisfaction is the key to retention
Workers happiness and satisfaction can be made up of many factors. Something as simple as a worker recognition program can contribute to greater worker happiness. A good skills match and clear performance objectives all help to make workers more confident and secure in their positions and less likely to want to leave.

HR consultants who also offer career coaching and development services can help organizations to get their executives behind the business objectives, leading to organizational and personal success.

Finding and retaining top talent is one of the most important concerns for any organization. It’s the right people who can help steer the company through periods of growth and transformation. Talent acquisition management services can help businesses to find and support the right workers to achieve their growth objectives.