Go Green by Selling Your Laptop for Cash

Sell broken laptops

New technology can go out of date quickly, and users should replace their computers every four years. But don’t just toss that Macbook in the trash. Selling old laptops for cash doesn’t just help your wallet; it also helps the environment.

Technology recycling programs are improving across the US, making it much easier to dispose of broken, outdated or unwanted electronics and cutting down from the 2.6 million tons of electronic waste dropped in landfills as recently as 2007.

Many companies are taking advantage or new recycling programs by buying up old laptops. Rather than donating your laptop or risking an unfair price at a pawn shop, sell your laptop for cash.

When you sell old laptops for cash, money is rewarded based on market data and the condition of the electronic device. Even if your laptop or iPad is in pretty rough shape, most companies will still help you recycle it.

Even if you’d rather take your chances through a site like Craigslist or Ebay, you can still check out sites that let you sell old laptops for cash to get an idea of what your item is worth.

You can get even more money if you have the original packaging, cords, cables and instruction manuals, and if an item is in good physical condition, it’ll raise your payout significantly. Still, even trading in broken laptops for cash will put more money in your pocket than throwing them away.

Companies that take cash for laptops erase all sensitive information from your devices before you sell them so you don’t need to do it yourself, like you would through other means like selling a laptop on Ebay and Craigslist.

Recycling one million laptops saves the same amount of electricity that 3,500 homes would use in a year, so when you sell old laptops for cash, you’re actually helping the earth as well.

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