Garage Door Maintenance DIY

In this video, you will learn about residential garage door repair. He got an advertisement in the mail for a garage door tuneup. It seemed like a good price, but it really isn’t.

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You can perform regular maintenance in order to keep your door up to date. You will need a wrench, a socket, and some scrap cardboard. Lubricated moving parts are important. Making sure all of the parts are working correctly is going to be the most important thing. First, start by releasing the garage from the opener. Check that all the hinges are tight. You just want to make sure they are nice and tight. Next, you want to lubricate. You want to lubricate the hinges. Be sure to get the outside of the hinges, as well as the inside of the hinges. More than likely your door has a nylon roller. You can lubricate in there so it moves more freely. Go ahead and lubricate the ball bearings too. You should consider replacing your rollers with nylon rollers. The lubricant will build up to make sure it gets spread out, then wipe off the excess. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video.