Four Ways to Improve Your Website

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what your potential customers think when they first visit your website? If you haven’t updated your site in awhile,–or worse, don’t have one– you could be discouraging a significant amount of business. Research shows that the average online shopper reads 11 customer reviews before buying a product, and 85% of adults with mobile devices believe a website should work just as well on their smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop. The modern consumer is web-savvy and believes in the importance of research, which means that companies have to rise to their expectations in order to succeed. For this reason, many businesses hire digital advertising agencies to help them improve their website design, create an internet advertising strategy and learn how to market a company online. But before you approach one of these web advertising agencies, you need to have some idea of what you’re looking for. Here are the four basic elements your website needs to make marketing your company a breeze.

  1. An Attractive Design– Customers have been shown to respond more positively to websites that are better designed, higher quality and visually appealing. However, before you hire a custom website design company, make sure they can create the same beautiful, effective results for mobile users. In one study conducted by Google, 48% of mobile users reported feeling that a company didn’t care about them if their website was difficult to use on a mobile device. With as much as 16% of all internet traffic worldwide conducted from mobile devices, this is a great opportunity to make a good first impression. Look for digital advertising agencies who have experience creating mobile websites, or designs that can easily transition from desktop to smartphone.
  2. Contact Information– You would be surprised to learn how many companies forget to include this basic, vital information on their website. Ask a web designer to place your phone number and other contact details in an easy-to-find location, or consider putting it on the bottom of each page so it can’t be missed.
  3. Links to Social Media–If your business isn’t already on social media sites, any social marketing firm worth their salt will tell you that it’s time to set up an account: research shows that an estimated 20% of Facebook users have purchased something after seeing content about it in their news feed. Once you have created an account, add buttons so that users can like and share your website with their friends, further spreading your new website.
  4. Fresh Content–The average tablet user spends around 13.9 hours every week surfing the web and using their device. The best way to stand out and catch their attention is by presenting them with something interesting and different. Consider adding a blog to your website, which you can update with thoughts on newsworthy events, advice, and more. Worried you won’t have the time to regularly update the blog? Digital advertising agencies are increasingly offering SEO and content marketing services to help attract customers with a variety of written and visual content.

A good first impression is extremely beneficial, both online and in the real world. Fortunately, there are a number of easy changes you can make to your website, with the help of a web designer, to make a customer’s online experience with your company pleasant and profitable. Contact an online marketing company today to discuss how to best improve your company’s web presence.
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