Five Tips For Better Branding

Product packaging design

Everyone Loves Freebies
Who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do. And so do customers. According to a research study conducted, over 70% of individuals who were given a gift basket of a company’s product with their name on it remembered the brand and its packaging design later. This also goes for discounts. When brands offer discounted items, customers switch brands approximately 75% of the time. Those are numbers you just can’t ignore!

Establish a Relationship
An unexpected but effective branding tip is to extablish a direct relationship with your customers. This includes having a strong inbound marketing strategy and an interactive blog, where you constantly post meaningful content in order to help customers understand what you’re all about. Along with this, be sure to thank your customers for their service using mailed promotions, emails, and the like. A little appreciation goes a long way!

Creative Branding Matters
When branding your company, creativity is always an essential component of both the product label design, website design, and business cards. When a brand has a distinct logo, customers will know and recognize your product more easily.

Establish a Personality
Think of all successful brands. Who are they? Most of the time, a company with a strong sense of character is easily identifiable by customers on both an emotional and familiar level. Take Trader Joe’s for example. Their product packaging design is always distinct, and their voice always shines through in all of the content they create.

Speaking of Content…
As far as inbound marketing goes, strong content is the best way to win the minds and hearts of consumers. By posting interesting content on a regular basis, customers see that your brand has a strong commitment to delivering news and the latest on your industry’s ins and outs. Also, if your content is adequate, then they will want to continually hear what you have to say!