Can Hiring an SEO Firm Really Make that Much Difference to Your Business? SEOh Yeah it Can!

Internet marketing professionals

You follow the latest business trends, because you want your business to succeed, so you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is rated as the most effective tactic for lead generation, with more than a third of all marketers saying it is, ?Very effective.? In fact, according to Pew Internet, almost 60% of people have used the internet to research a product or service at some point. Not only can that not be ignored, it should be embraced!

So, how are you going to advantage of the internet? How can you make the most of your business? online presence? By hiring an experienced internet SEO firm.

Did you know that more than 93% of all online actions start at a search engine, and that Google owns up to 70% of the search engine business. So, how do you get a high ranking with Google? How do you get your business seen, when 75% of search users never even scroll past the first page of results when they?re conducting a search? The best strategy for your business is to work closely with an SEO company to create compelling digital content that will help you to stand out from the crowd.

An SEO firm knows how to use the benefits of social media and email prospecting (among other SEO services), that’s important, because email and search engine use are still the two top reasons people use the internet. And 70% of social media users in North America are connected to at least one local business. Shouldn?t it be yours?

Strategists who work in search engine optimization understand that 70 to 80% of users ignore paid ads and therefore organic search results have a much higher yield. When focusing on SEO, they understand that the name of your website should be in your top five most used main keywords and that focusing on local keywords is crucial.

You know how to run your business, and you run it well. You wouldn?t try to fix your own car or do your own taxes, and that?s why you hire the right SEO firm, to help you to help your business.