Are You Ready to Make Your Next Career Move?


You promised yourself that you would give this new job five years, and then you would reevaluate the situation. You were at your first job for more than 30 years, so when you made the career change it was a big step. At the time, however, you realized that you wanted a much bigger step in your future. That is why you gave yourself the five year time frame. You knew that after you had been on this new job for five years you would have gained a whole new set of job skills. Skills that you were hoping you could use in finding a Chief Technical Officer position or a vice president’s spot.
Interestingly enough, just as you pushing yourself to find the next career opportunity, both your boss and the company’s Chief Operating Officer seem to be going out of their way to let you know how happy they are with the work you are doing. You joked with your wife that it is almost as if they realize that you might be looking for bigger challenges. And while the congratulatory phone calls about closed deals are great, you also told your wife these calls need to backed up by other opportunities in the company or a different compensation plan if you are going to happy where you are.
Finding the Best Employees Is Only the Beginning
Today’s competition for the best workers is fierce. In fact, many companies go so far as to outsource their retained recruitment needs to professionals who know how to not only find, but also keep, the top employees. Consider some of these statistics about the services that a retained search recruiter provider can offer:

  • 71% of respondents admit to having a shortage of skilled candidates in their respective sectors during the year 2014. Although this is a decrease from the 76% in 2013, it is still an indicator of a significant shortage that a retained recruitment team might be able to help you solve.
  • The sales of search and placement services reached $13.2 billion in the year 2013.
  • 5.9% of external hires were sourced by search firms, as reported by companies in the year 2013. That percentage was almost double the 2012 number and the highest number in more than a decade. As the need for qualified workers continues to grow, it should come as no surprise that search firms play an even greater role.
  • Existing candidates from respondents? applicant tracking systems was the number one source of qualified candidates in the year 2013, followed by referrals and social media.
  • In the year 2013, the average time-to-fill positions was six days for temporary employees, eight days for contract employees, and 32 days for permanent employees.

Whether you are looking for supply chain recruiters or you are interested in finding a comprehensive retained recruitment team, making the decision to outsource these important tasks can help you fill your current openings and look for ways to make sure that you keep the employees that you hire.
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