Are You Looking for a Way to Add New Laser Services to Your Salon?

There are several ways that you are hoping to upgrade and improve the services that you offer at your salon. One of the most tempting options that you are considering is an affordable laser hair removal machine for sale. Finding the right model at the right price may be a challenge, but you are pretty sure that if you look long and hard enough you can find the one laser hair removal machine for sale that will work.

Used aesthetic lasers are an option for some of the smaller salons that are not able to afford a newer and bigger machine. And while we often think of these machines being used in a salon that also gives human patients manicures and pedicures, it is important to remember that there are also many kinds of used veterinary laser equipment that can also help those kinds of settings as well.

Used and Refurbished Equipment Can Help Many Salon and Clinic Owners Increase the Kinds of Services They Offer

Finding the right pieces of equipment can help you add to the revenue that you bring into a business. Making the decision to invest in this equipment, however, can initially be a challenge, but once you make the decision you can begin to capitalize on the purchase. Consider these facts and figures about the many ways that laser services provide the help that many people want to make sure that they and their pets are looking and feeling their best:

  • A therapeutic laser needs six to 10 watts of power to be practical for use in a clinical setting.
  • Target tissues need a dose of five to 10 Joules per centimeter squared to get a biological response in cells, according to the World Association of Laser Therapy has established.
  • Examples of diagnoses that could benefit from perioperative blood management technologist (PBMT) treatment as a sole treatment modality include surgical incisions, lick granulomas, wounds, osteoarthritis, and tail pull injuries.
  • Lasers are grouped into specific classes for levels of danger, called classes one through five, and if you reach five this means you could suffer burning skin and permanent blindness.
  • 1.09 million laser hair removal procedures were completed in the year 2017.