3 Ways Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Digital Printing

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If you’re a small business trying to affordably implement print marketing, you’re not alone: 76% of small businesses report that their preferred marketing campaign strategy includes both print and digital elements. But how can you make the most of everything offered by online digital printing and find the company best suited to work with you? Here are three tips to help you use digital printing trends to your advantage:

  1. Think Big:
    One of the best investments you can make when trying to get your name out to more customers is large format banner printing. Vinyl banners are durable, lightweight and movable, meaning they’re perfect for various outdoor locations. Also consider floor, wall or window graphics for consistent branding.
    If you have a storefront in a high-traffic area, you can use your real estate to advertise through a custom building wrap. Despite the name, building wraps can be virtually any size and don’t have to encompass all sides of your building. Wraps for construction barriers and vehicles are also ways to maximize the investments you’ve already made.

  2. Think Small:
    When it comes to banners, size is an advantage. But consider the advantages digital printing can offer on smaller runs of promotional gifts. About 84% of Americans will remember your business’s name if they receive a small item bearing your name and logo, providing for ongoing marketing even once they’ve left your store or office. Booklets, calendars or bookmarks are all easily customizable options.
  3. Go Local:
    With so many online digital printing services offered today, it can be tempting to use platforms that offer extremely low prices for digital prints and promotional items. But these services are geared toward private individuals, and not businesses, for a number of reasons. First of all, while they might offer the calendars or other products you’d like to use as business gifts, they probably won’t be able to print the large-scale advertisements that can be most effective for getting your name out there. And second, these small items are likely to be branded with the printer’s name and logo somewhere on the item, which isn’t good for your company’s brand and image of professionalism.
    Instead, go for a professional printing company in your region, if not immediate area (for example, any business in New York or New Jersey could probably all find good services by searching “printing companies NYC”). This will also allow you to tap into the latest trends for your area and make sure you’re keeping pace with your competitors.

What advice do you have for taking advantage of online digital printing capabilities without sacrificing quality? Share in the comments. Great references here: www.applevisualgraphics.com