3 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Network Connectivity

Cat5e cable bulk

Thinking that your computer network might be in need of an upgrade? With the rate that technology these days is constantly improving, it’s probably not a bad idea. Still, you may wonder whether a complete network overhaul is worth the headache and expense. Here are three surefire signs that upgrading your network connections should move to the top of your to-do list.

  1. You experience frequent network outages or technology malfunctions.
    Sure, your network installer probably told you that your top-quality Cat5 cables would last you for five to 10 years easily, and they were right. But wasn’t that back in 2005? Simply put, nothing lasts forever in this day and age, and if you’re losing out on important company time because of network outages or equipment failures, it’s really time to upgrade your system and get with the times. Today’s Cat6 cables bulk up your connections in terms of speed, reliability, and durability, so that you’ll be good for the next five or 10 years to come.
  2. Your network can’t support the latest apps and features.
    Do you increasingly rely on video conferencing for business? Do you need the fastest speeds for real-time gaming? Don’t lose out to the competition simply because your network speed isn’t up to par. Save yourself and your clients the annoying cut-outs and slow speeds by simply getting a faster connection through a new network Ethernet cable setup.
  3. You have unreasonably high maintenance and energy bills.
    Speed isn’t the only thing that’s improved throughout the years when it comes to Internet connections. Each new iteration of Cat cables have also improved in energy efficiency. Furthermore, IT support teams are much better equipped to handle problems with newer technologies than to have to dig through old manuals. You can cut both costs by simply switching from Cat 5 to 5e or 6. Buy Cat6 cables bulk to save even more money up front and down the road.

Why risk compromising your business — or your pleasure — by sticking with an old network connection? If your system is more than five years old, chances are an upgrade will help you realize more efficiency than you might have thought possible. Get ready for the future with a new upgrade.